Here at Facet Lighting we are leaders and pioneers in lighting, advice and design for exclusive gardens and landscapes.

Luxury architectural lighting

Facet Lighting is a Dutch company who work towards specialised briefs to bring the best out of lighting for you.

We recommend and implement exceptional and exclusive lighting plans for special projects specific to your brief and vision. We can highlight landscaping, gardens and façades of stately homes, private residences, companies and castles on an outstanding level with high quality materials.

Through years of experience in entertainment lighting it became clear that lighting for us is so much more than highlighting, it is about creating drama and atmosphere. With our advice and design we strive to achieve the highest and most attainable form of convenience whilst providing luxury and comfort. Accompanied by first-class experience, expertise, and the latest techniques, we make every project extra luxury.

About us

Our expertise stems from specialised training, innate creativity and more than 18 years of experience in lighting technique. For example, we have taken care of the lighting for large events, theatre performances, product presentations and conferences. In Facet Lighting we bring your experience to a higher level by focussing on a niche in the market we call architectural lighting. We are unique in what we do and is reflected in the way we work.

'Facet Lighting; exclusive, extraordinary and luxury architectural lighting.'

We take pride in our work and are real specialists with expertise on all lighting aspects. If a project requires something extra, we work alongside with only the best specialised associate companies to achieve that extra detail. We are independent, progressive and only create customised work, which means we give each project our dedicated attention, time and passion. This always results in a great lighting plan with reliable lighting advice, leading design and the finest luminaires to suit any project. 

The lighting industry holds no secrets for us, we are aware of all possibilities, the latest techniques and upcoming trends.

What we do

We believe there are unlimited possibilities and improvements in the lighting business! We see it as our mission to prove that to the world, by being the frontier in lighting design and innovation. We bring lighting to another dimension, 
so you can enjoy your exterior even more.

"Facet Lighting is the leading expert in specialised exclusive high end lighting consulting and design."

We create and develop lighting plans with a luxurious and timeless look with easy-to-use automation systems. We create the most extraordinary lighting look for landscaping, gardens and façades of large estates, villa's, country houses, mansions and private residences, companies and castles.

Facet Lighting creates drama, atmosphere and the perfectly fitting ambience, a true metamorphosis between outside and inside. Creating beautiful lighting outside does not need to be limited to just the exterior, it can be appreciated indoors with our integrated lighting designs.

The Facet Lighting PlanThe Facet Lighting Plan

Our goal is always to create an unique and amazing end result. This is why we work in four clear and highly effective steps:

1. Context and Wishes

We work with you in conversation about the current situation and possibilities for your specific requirements and wishes.

2. Project drawing with a light plan

Based on all the information gathered we then create a detailed project map with unique and exclusive lighting, including luminaires and prices.

3. Communication and Installation

We believe in open communication and clear information so we can all work towards an amazing result. We work together with renowned technical experts and always choose the best specialists for a specific project to conduct the perfect installation.

4. Programming and Evaluation

The last phase of the project is the programming of the lighting. This is also the time for fine tuning and testing our work, to ensure that everything is in line with our high standards.


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